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Hello. Great blog.What about unexplained infertility. Tried IVF – good stimulation response; great eggs and great sperm = good fertilisation level; good development of fertilized eggs to blastocyst. No pregnancy. No problems with uterus strucutrally – endometrium lining great at transfer. Age 34. What are your comments for pr;n2edicg&#8e30o.Thank you


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much like a few abov

much like a few above, i started reading a few weeks ago (after one of many LifeHacker links).anyways, I agree with pretty much your entire post — can I borrow a couple grand?

Essays like this are

Essays like this are so important to broadening people's horizons.

Si, pará. Respecto

Si, pará. Respecto a Ustream, voy a tener que hacer una aclaración porque le pifié a algo. El sistema es bueno, lo caga el maldito chat pero como hablaba con Fabio hace un rato, cambiando el chat podés ahorrar muchísimo de ancho de banda y mejorar…

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We are entering a wo

We are entering a world where invasions and military attacks on countries is becoming passé.I’m thinking of a time in 20 years or so when China has decided they don’t like their resource contracts with us and think they can get a better deal…

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