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fatih / cevaplad

fatih / cevapladıgın için teşekkür ederim abı ama sitede olan saç metal klaıp örneklerinden t kalı ve delme kalı çalışmaz ben okula götüdüm hoca çok kızdıı

“So when does the

“So when does the SEC and the banking regulators step in and say no to these deals. ”When one of them involves rich bankers actually facing the consequences of their mismanagement.

Good grief, girl! Wh

Good grief, girl! What a post :-) I’m a great flier, and so are the girls. It’s The Man who sucks. But who can blame him….he was in a plane crash. A minor one….but still. My sister always has weird shit happen to her on planes…

I'm not sure &qu

I'm not sure "mashups" are really the issue (though now that you mention it, why shouldn't I write a story about Mickey Mouse - why can't he *ever* enter folklore or shared culture?).That's one of my biggest problems with…

Kann mich dem "

Kann mich dem "Wow" nur anschließen. Habe die Teilchen noch nie gegessen, aber die sehen wirklich traumhaft aus.

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