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Beirut, Lebanon

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It's the pride o

It's the pride of the "dittoheads" that's always bothered me about Rush.It's much like saying "I hereby renounce my right to independent thought", which is, yes, very much like the end of "The Taming of the…

You look incredible!

You look incredible! This outfit is beyond excellent; you really hit the mark. :D YAY for frilly knickers!I am such a gynormous fan of these fabulous floral headbands!

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amazing provide…Thanks quite a bit for virtually every single great writeup. Them nearly all remains appeared to converted into your practice akun every one of these. Glance leading-edge that you need to more greater enjoyable through you…

Hello Angie...I'

Hello Angie...I'm back to see what I've missed from your creative kitchen.These cookies are certainly very interesting...especially since I have yet to bake with avocado. This recipe may just be the right one to get me started.Thanks for sharing…

Last one to utilize

Last one to utilize this is a rotten egg!

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