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Durch einen Post bei

Durch einen Post bei auf zwei andere interessante Artikel aufmerksam geworden. Ich sollte sowieso viel öfter lesen. Treffend auch der Abgesang auf die längst verblasste Festivalromantik im…

Laurie VergeI agree

Laurie VergeI agree with your assessment also. I would like a clarification as to what the normal protocol was throughout the war. Was there any mandate that riders had to dismount and walk across the bridge with their horses? It just seems logical to…

We buy the Pulmone o

We buy the Pulmone one, because we drink a lot every week with cereal and my fiance doesn’t like the Maeil one (and the Yonsei one is pricey) but it’s not strictly vegan as it has D3 in the ingredients list, usually from sheep’s wool.

Janet,I think it is

Janet,I think it is athe man in the grey suit, 3 people or so in from the left side, mid screen. He also appears to have a beard. A few frames before, from behind, he appears to be waving his hand.

– Glad you enj

– Glad you enjoyed, and I agree, that video is amazing!@ Katherine – Thanks for your comment. We will absolutely continue our work in remembrance of Helen Keller’s great legacy.

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