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The location for ac dealers in chennai  storing it is also a personal decision. Often, because of the confidential or personal nature of the items in the box, it makes the most sense to store each person's Memory Box in his or her room, at the top or bottom of a closet, under the bed, etc. But some choose to store all of the Memory Boxes for the family in a basement or attic, so that they do not take up precious space in the living areas of the home, and can be grabbed easily in one fell swoop if need be. I would not recommend storing vital documents such as your will, birth certificate, etc. in your box. 

Those items should either be stored in a safe deposit box at the bank, or at home in a fire resistant box (remember, organic stores in chennai there is no such thing as a fireproof box for the home!). Some people store their vital documents in a regular file folder in their filing cabinet, and keep copies (or the originals) in a separate location. In the event that an emergency causes a very quick evacuation, the people and pets go out first, followed by the vital documents, and then the Memory Boxes. 

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