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Great hammer of Thor, that is poreufwlly helpful!


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1.programowanie to nie jest taka Å‚atwa sprawa2.musieli na ten pomysÅ‚ wpaść3.po co ci smycz i tak zwierze za tobÄ… podąża4.nie ma piekÅ‚a jest nether7.nie ma 68.wÅ‚aÅ›nie teraz to sprawdzasz9.nie rozumiem o co ci chodzi10.wulkany z tunelami nawet…

Hi, is currently buy

Hi, is currently buying Marriott points and transfer those to SWA RR still can be counted towards companion pass SWA? I’m 10,000 points short toward cp. I need your advice if possible. Thank you

article you linked t

article you linked to somehow equates Pisslam w/race. What race is Pisslam again? Because I always thought Pissalm was an intolerant, antisemitic, totalitarian ideology of hate...

News Flash:Sarah Pal

News Flash:Sarah Palin is NOT heading for the Republican nomination. At this point she's best described as the Ring Mistress of the nomiinating process. Not the future nominee, nor the future president.

Thanks, Vince . . .

Thanks, Vince . . . please visit our new website often and feel free to offer any ideas or suggestions to help continue improving the information and usefulness of the website to our fellow classmates!

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