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Reasons to Go Vegan - Can Going Vegan Really

Earlier days there was not so much of work pressure, so mostly only men in the family used to go out and work and the ladies used to do the house hold work and cook healthy and yummy foods for the family. But these days you find every adult both pure veg…

Wow, that is one of

Wow, that is one of the best posts on the subject that I have ever read. I wish this administration would be held to account for at least some of the crimes they have been responsible for, but I have little hope for that happening.You are right about…

Interesting post. I

Interesting post. I gotta say though that I am just a bit skeptical about the next US president demanding substance from Japan. I believe that were this to occur, it would be the first time in recent history.

Regarding the Obama

Regarding the Obama book deal etc:Given that these amounts are not in absolute terms that large ($10M is a relative bargain), if the right played its cards properly (see my post "Room at the Top"), couldn't it also fund significant book…

Super excited to see

Super excited to see more of this kind of stuff online.

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