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Oi gente eu tenho 13

Oi gente eu tenho 13 anos ia ficar com um menino ke eu gosto ano passado só ke nao tive coragem de fica na hora ele disse qe nunca mais ia ficar comigo e esse ano ia ficar com outro nao pudi ir na praça ficar com elee tenho medo de errar na hora qe…

This ought to be a v

This ought to be a very lucky day for me. Generally, I had to surf the net for a long while to get the specific information for my small research work. However , today, I merely typed a few words relating to the subject of my work, pressed Enter on the…

I recommend, Steve,

I recommend, Steve, that you listen to WGMD, especially Bill Colley on from 3 to 7. Since you are out of range, you can get them on streaming audio at wgmd.com. You may conclude that they (WGMD and SCCOR) are about as radical right as you will find…

Health Insurance For Parents

Health insurance can be a daunting task to buy, right? DHFL offers the best health insurance plans in India for family, individual and senior citizens with a comprehensive coverage. You'll find daycare procedures, air ambulance cover, low waiting periods,…

One curious question

One curious question...any particular reason why only egg white is used? Thanks! Lovely shots and I learnt a new word today, hahah...at first glance, I thought you mean "bits of cucur as in cucur udang ", silly me.

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