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Once the value proposition is succinctly stated, the hard work is done. Any marketing asset, from a print ad design to a social media campaign, can be judged by how well it communicates the value proposition. To further the efficiency of marketing efforts, market research can be added to the marketing strategy for the purpose of identifying untapped audiences or refining the target consumer. Finally, an overall goal for the marketing strategy can be set, with all the subsequent marketing plans inheriting the responsibility for delivering on it. These can be concrete, bottom-line goals such as increasing sales or something less direct like climbing the ranking of trusted providers within the industry. You need to have social media presences for yourself and your business on all the social media channels that are important (ie, used by) your customers. Among them: LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, YouTube,Google+, Pinterest, and Instagram. Be sure each of your profiles is professional and has a link to your website. If you meet a prospect and they lose your business card, they might type your name into the search engine to try to find you. Having a profile on the biggest social media sites will allow them to find you and the link to your website. Affiliate marketing: Apart from generating revenue through Adsense, you can also generate revenue through your website by applying for affiliate program offered by the world's most renowned companies like Flipkart and Amazon. For every sale happening from these company's ads displayed on your website, you earn a certain commission which typically ranges from 10%-20% of the product price. Commission percentage varies for each product or category. E.g. if someone buys television worth Rs. 50,000 by clicking on ad on your website and the commission on that product is let's say 20%, then Amazon will pay Rs. 10, 000 to you. So if you sell even 5 television in a month, then your affiliate income would Rs. 50, 000.


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