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to Tom -- that this

to Tom -- that this issue should be handled on a case-by-case basis rather than having a set rule for each gender -- however, the gendered points you mention should be some of the factors that couples keep in mind when thinking about their situation.

You are quite someth

You are quite something and I like that. It has taken years to build your life the way you have it, but it is what you want and like, for the most part. Most people don’t know what they want or where to get it, but you do. You really are inspiring…

Ja, du er ikke alene

Ja, du er ikke alene om Ã¥ lengte mot vÃ¥r og sommmer. Men det har vært litt vÃ¥r i lufta de siste dagene, sÃ¥ jeg har hÃ¥p..Her er det forkjølelse pÃ¥ gang igjen, og bare det er nok til at jeg trenger varme grader ganske fort:DKos deg og takk for…

Julien, de mon temps

Julien, de mon temps, il y a avait à l’école plein de filles et plein de garçons qui se suspendaient des anneaux ou des morceaux de minéraux aux lobes des oreilles.Personne ne disait rien.

This cloud doesnR

This cloud doesn’t hunt as long as there is such universally poor bandwidth. Not every customer can simply write off high speed broadband connection fees – if the high speeds are even available to begin with.

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