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Nice to see T.I. sup

Nice to see T.I. supporting a good cause.Love Eve’s outfit and Christina’s shoes.Tyra’s mom is one good-looking senior citizen! LOL I guess Miss Banks got some of those good genes.

could you add the pi

could you add the pictures, please? It makes much more sense and proves the truth…There are 3 pics. One is a newspaper article? Did you get those? Should I send them again?You must see how beautiful she was! Is!

ulki 3  0frÃ

ulki 3  0früher sind wir die Bäume aber bis zur Spitze rauf, das schafft die Jugend von heute nicht mehr weil sie überall das Fahrrad mit hin nehmen wollen

Regarding the Obama

Regarding the Obama book deal etc:Given that these amounts are not in absolute terms that large ($10M is a relative bargain), if the right played its cards properly (see my post "Room at the Top"), couldn't it also fund significant book…

They should have

They should have just named it “Assassins Creed 2: brotherhood” and “ac2: revelation”. I don’t see the point why not, other than trying to confuse the crap out of ppl when buying the whole trilogy.VN:F (from 0 votes)

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