Cel, sem contar que o IBOVESPA caminha em direção oposta ao mercado internacional. Motivo: intromissão dos incomPTentes na bolsa. é isso que dá, colocar uma cambada de pelegos que não sabem somar 1 + 1 em posições administrativas e estratégicas. Que assim o diga os Correios, de empresa confiável a empresa sem credibilidade.... eu mesmo já fui vítima da incomPTência deles!


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I agree with you tha

I agree with you that this could be “The year of the Lions” and I am picking them in the NFL Central as well but it looks like it cold end up in a three team race and will make this division as unpredictable as the NFC East usually is.Stafford…

both sides, yet Mr.

both sides, yet Mr. Tea party calls him a liberal hack.HMMM. the assumptions made aboundStae Employee=Liberal HackState Employee=corrupt drunken union loutas far as I’m concerned mr. MN..you can wedge a cold can of Miller up your ass

Building a new follo

Building a new following would be a little bit of work, but it might help to have a place to write those things, even if you don’t immediately have a lot of readers. Or you could ask a blogging friend to let you post (anonymously or under your own…

Tu comentario me rec

Tu comentario me recuerda que hace mucho que nos seguimos Pues si puedes, no te pierdas esto. No me ofrezco de guía porque soy muy gafe, pero ya sabes…Un abrazo y gracias por pasarte por aquí

sa ne fonctionne pas

sa ne fonctionne pas lol, je me suis inscrit sur gravatar jai mis ma photo mais elle n’apparait pas ici sur le forum quelqu’un peu m’aider ?

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