dainik vrutratna samrat ha aamhala babasahebanchya margavar chalanyasathi prerana deto. Sampurn deshat hindutvawadi, manuwadi, jatiywadi rakshasancha tandav suru asatana “SAMRAT” aamhala andhakarmay parisaratun mahan bhagwan buddhachya pathawar nirbhidpane chalnyas sfurti deto!JAI BHEEM!


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Such a gorgeous card

Such a gorgeous card!!!! Love all of the pinks & softness to it. Lovely!Thanks so much for joining in our “Mother’s Day and/or Flowers” challenge at and hope you will join us again!Huggies ~Sharron♥

Bob, loss is never e

Bob, loss is never easy and loss around the holidays is especially hard. You and your family are in my thoughts and prayers, my friend. Thankfully we have a hope in Heaven and the promise that death is not the end but merely the doorway and beginning of…

“So when does the

“So when does the SEC and the banking regulators step in and say no to these deals. ”When one of them involves rich bankers actually facing the consequences of their mismanagement.

Not true, BIG. There

Not true, BIG. There is no more “Fairness Doctrine”, and no requirement for equal time. More to the point, it’s a far stretch for those running against to claim that a syndicated, no longer produced, television show is in fact a campaign…

July 22, 2012 &

July 22, 2012  6:04 pm by Chauncy Talon…

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