Fuair ​​mé trí sheans agus tá mé i mo dhiaidh sin ó. Is é ceann de mo phost is fearr leat seo: mar a rinne mé mar an gcéanna: poque ionadh nach raibh an chathair ag súil leis seo GEM. An áilleacht undiscovered!


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Super jazzed about g

Super jazzed about getting that know-how.

Thank you for postin

Thank you for posting the videos (the music is also great). Those days were really amazing. It is true: the more you give, the more you also recieve. All the best! Dominik

I’m sorry but

I’m sorry but this video is not formatted in a way that it can justifiably be considered only for the purpose of education of potential mothers. This video is borderline propaganda. If you make a video with dark depressing tones, shake the camera a…

I play zero hip hop

I play zero hip hop stations in my house or in the car and I never thought it’d be that way. My kids have never seen any of the current rap videos either. My sister who has two teens, has had to put a block on BET and MTV but she still found out…

da musste ich grad z

da musste ich grad zweimal hinschaun ob ich nicht zufällig in deinem archiv gelandet bin… weihnachten?! ;) aber schöne idee diese thematischen antworten :) ich wünsch dir ein schönes wochenende, viele liebe grüße julia

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