Hello Darren, Frank Indiviglio here.Thanks for your interest in our blog.Young bearded dragons may become lethargic as the seasons change, and eventually enter a period of hibernation.Unfortunately, with a young animal it is not possible to tell if this is the case, or if it is ill, as you do not have a prior winter period as a guide. It is most likely just slowing down in preparation for cooler weather, but only a veterinary exam can rule out a coincidental illness.Good luck and please keep me posted.Best regards, Frank Indiviglio.


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siiii sarebbe il mio

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Je connaissais cette

Je connaissais cette panna cotta vue plusieurs fois sur le Web. Ta version aux fraises me plaît énormément. Je la note et la ferai en juin quand nos fraises locales apparaîtront sur le marché.Bises,Lou

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6. What has been you

6. What has been your best achievement so far in your music career?To be honest, I haven¡¯t had that moment where I¡¯ve thought ¡°Hey, I¡¯ve done something freakin¡¯

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