I look at the Jews & Catholics as the second phase of the Northern big city invasion of the SouthWhile it’s true that many Yankee colonists are Catholics, let’s not forget that Catholics have been part of the Southron nation since the early days of settlement.


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Ei vitsi, muistan!!

Ei vitsi, muistan!! Se oli superhieno, minne lie joutunut.. Milolla on just tollaset spaghettijalat. Se saattaa syödä kakskyt lihapullaa, mutta laittaa sen kaiken pituuskasvuun.. :D

i like the 2nd step

i like the 2nd step because it look well organize with the folder file… but i dont know to access because i just given the acesss for admin panel. how to do that? i dont know where is the file of my template. tq

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