I think they ran out of comebacks (not that any of their dithering could qualify as such in the first place). Please don't insult the zoo animals, that's all I ask.


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Dear Rich, thanks a

Dear Rich, thanks a lot for your response, in fact it is a top-level notebook named “Journal” with capital “J”, but I think the problem might be relateted to my OneNote being in Spanish because the folder containing the notebooks…

Super excited to see

Super excited to see more of this kind of stuff online.

CA dualer guy, but I

CA dualer guy, but I made the mistake of going to the DailyKos piece! Yuck, I feel so dirty now, don't know if I'll get the socialist stink off my computer for a while now. What brain-washed idiots their readers must be....sheeple are so easily…

I play zero hip hop

I play zero hip hop stations in my house or in the car and I never thought it’d be that way. My kids have never seen any of the current rap videos either. My sister who has two teens, has had to put a block on BET and MTV but she still found out…

Buenas tardes Lola,

Buenas tardes Lola, te agradezco mucho este material que compartes en esta página, ha sido de gran ayuda, de reconocer errores, pero de no ser tan dura conmigo misma. Que Dios te siga iluminando en este camino tan bello. Un abrazo. Me gustaria si me…

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