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I was just saying,when we rescued the banks,we rescued the investors,the bond holders,the top 10% of earners with them.If we did not rescue the banks there could have been bank runs,investors getting paid pennies on the dollar.Savings going down with the banks.It is their turn that needs help to get the help they need.Remember it was the bank and our leaders that marketed this housing bubble.Let the investors take a little hit.The guy that was prudent could have taken a big hit too if the banks failed.Just take it as a blessing.


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I have a fast metabolism. And i wanna gain some meat on my face. My face tends to fluctuate a lot and actually looks a lot better after I’ve had a full meal. Is there any known method that would help channel fat directly to the face? Obviously not…

Hola Felipe, excelen

Hola Felipe, excelente tu artículo … pero me quedé en el punto 6º, no comprendo como utilizas dicha herramienta para conocer las keywords de la competencia. Saludos.

Bob, loss is never e

Bob, loss is never easy and loss around the holidays is especially hard. You and your family are in my thoughts and prayers, my friend. Thankfully we have a hope in Heaven and the promise that death is not the end but merely the doorway and beginning of…

Teresa,That restaura

Teresa,That restaurant sounds wonderful. I can almost smell the smoke from the fireplace ( I am sure there must be at least one) and taste the mashed potatoes. Sometimes comfort food is just so necessary.Janet

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