I would be astonished if Paul won the presidency, but I don't understand how he even manages to get reelected to Congress, nor why he wants to. For me, the appeal of voting "no" on bad bills that pass anyway would wear off rather quickly.


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gosh, touching in s

gosh, touching in so many ways. thank you for sharing a most profound story. “…if I give freely without hesitation to what’s needed every moment, every day.” i really needed that reminder today.with much gratitude from shaÌ„na

Im getting like a 3

Im getting like a 3 speed wise, yet my videos are loading like crap..what the hell Youtube? also I want my old site layout back! the new one is nice and all but its too fancy!

One thing I would li

One thing I would like to see changed is the requirement that you have to be ON disability for two years before you are eligible for Medicare. As a double insult, you have to be disabled for six months before you can get disability. What is an…

kader diyor ki:evde

kader diyor ki:evde nikah, bebek,sünnet vb. şekerleri yapmak istiyoruz.5 kişilik gurubuz iletişim bilgilerini verirseniz seviniriz.ayrıça devamlı olarak yapmak istiyoruz.eposta adresi iyi günler

people aren’t

people aren’t particularly logical, though I expect that most of those holding up LeBron as the great paragon of goodness and right in the NBA as opposed to the Great Devil Kobe will quietly be transferring their support elsewhere…

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