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If you are installing a final layer of wood flooring, then you need to incorporate an element of decoupling (spring) in the rubber layer. The MLV is too dense and no spring is introduced. You might look at the for your flooring solution. Serenity Mat is not the same as MLV (Mass Loaded Vinyl).It looks like you have a bunch of questions please don’t hesitate to call us at (800) 397-8791. We would be happy to guide you through the process.


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Hi Brendan,A while since I tested this but form memory the front scews on. So based on the photo you unscrew the gold retaining ring and the “filter” should just fall away allowing you to replace it with one of the others. Hope that helps., avg support number, avg tech support - Activate and install your Avg online just by vising activate. If you need help on activation and installation please call.

Thank you Caity for

Thank you Caity for sharing your trials and triumphs in 2011. Sometimes I wince in sympathy, sometimes I applaud your refusal to kowtow to Fate or the medical profession, sometimes I share your pleasure when things go well…Hope the New Year is kind… | office setup |

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It was truly great getting to meet you — I’m right there in wishing I had taken more pictures, but also being thankful that I didn’t show up in more pictures.The city energy is something, though, isn’t it? Every time I’m…

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