Les enfants recherchent souvent des animaux dans Google Images. Il vaut mieux que ça soit dans Google paramètres par défaut (filtre moyen activé) sinon tu te retrouves avec d’autres images. Faire le test avec "chatte". Filtre désactivé, les résultats sont fort différents ^^ Au fait, tu cherchais quoi comme poivre ?


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Hi Dan, the only eve

Hi Dan, the only ever 25 models of Sams signature JT-60 are now in production, and as soon as we have a definite ETA we will start taking deposits and orders(at the moment its looking like late 2012/early 2013). I will email you directly as soon as I…

I can’t believ

I can’t believe how much they’ve grown! I always see it in the photos more than in person. I love the feel of brotherly interaction between them! And their outfits are oh so cute!

generally I think Ka

generally I think Kass is pretty good,but he’s been bearish on Apple since the 540s and has been short Treasuries all of last year and this. I don’t know how he still has money.

Janet,I think it is

Janet,I think it is athe man in the grey suit, 3 people or so in from the left side, mid screen. He also appears to have a beard. A few frames before, from behind, he appears to be waving his hand.

15/09/2012NO tengo n

15/09/2012NO tengo nada claro que la solución sea más cirugía; como le dije, hay que asegurarse de que su problema no esté relacionado con una cirugía excesiva. En todo caso, si tiene alergia debe tratarla antes de plantearse cualquier otra acción.…

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