Les enfants recherchent souvent des animaux dans Google Images. Il vaut mieux que ça soit dans Google paramètres par défaut (filtre moyen activé) sinon tu te retrouves avec d’autres images. Faire le test avec "chatte". Filtre désactivé, les résultats sont fort différents ^^ Au fait, tu cherchais quoi comme poivre ?


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Makers be character that it's going to obviously gives you supported have an impact on inside only a few days and that I might be no longer going to get the threat to do take part in any form of greater movement for finishing my purpose from it however…

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I need to have to admit that that is one wonderful insight. It surely gives a company the opportunity to have in about the ground floor and really take part in creating a thing unique and tailored to their needs.

Ameei a make de hoje

Ameei a make de hoje! E vc linda como sempre Camila. Que Deus continue iluminando muito vc e que esse blog continua crescendo cada vez mais. Tenho verdadeira paixão por esse blog e por vc Camila. Veeem pra Bahia? Ia amaaar te ver pessoalmente

Dan,Timely post! Jus

Dan,Timely post! Just revisited our 5in5 last night with some friends that hadn’t heard any of it yet. I started thinking I needed to do something again to keep creating consistently. After finally finishing the album project yesterday I can relate…

SÃ¥ utruli bra at du

Så utruli bra at du e i gang me ryddetips :D Æ treng det sårt, førr her har æ også store plana førr 2011! Får krampe av alt rotet rundt her.. Å når huset ikke så stort, så e gode tips veldi gode :DTakk :)Klæm

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