maybe you could shout at her for being a terribly reckless human being, out RUNNING like that. Doesn’t she know people get hit by buses??? And then you could yell some more about over-stepping and being rude. It’s one thing to gently explain to someone why something makes you nervous…(and even that is still butting in) but to call you a horrible mother? It’s just so…gross. Her behavior needs some modification LOVE YOU, Good Mama.I’m so grateful for your company this weekend.HeatherHeather recently posted..


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It was truly great g

It was truly great getting to meet you — I’m right there in wishing I had taken more pictures, but also being thankful that I didn’t show up in more pictures.The city energy is something, though, isn’t it? Every time I’m…

Love it Martha! The

Love it Martha! The cream does rise to the top! I think that it is easy to get complacent, and even lazy with your content. It’s something we need to all watch out for because content is KING. It is the bread and butter of online marketing. If…

Ed io che mi ero tra

Ed io che mi ero tranquillizzato pensando che fossero a terra. E chi si fida ora a prendere l'aereo? Mi viene in mente un incidente di oltre 10 anni fa in Russia: un pilota di aereo di linea che aveva portato con se' in cabina il figlioletto, lo fece…

they wanted in, and

they wanted in, and goes balls to the walls. Motors, high tech batteries advanced frame and wind tunnel testing… then what happens to these guys.

It’s better to

It’s better to use the obscure syntax in a command that demonstrates something than it is to put it in a table. Technical documentation websites list the obscure stuff – technical books need to list the useful stuff.

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