Morning, Jeeeee-yam:Can you help us out, give us some details on Picayune’s victory over Gulfport …Did anyone kick a 13-yard field goal?El Capitan wants to know, which sideline had the cuter cheerleaders?Did you remember to put the losing team’s score first, like I did, with a web update with your name on it, you know, back in the day?See, I’m The Fluff. I know what I’m doin’. Me and the Big Man … (censored).Mr. FluffingtonYour erstwhile bossAnd don’t you forget it, homeslice


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ppm Well the audien

ppm Well the audience saw the junk didn’t they? I suppose they didn’t want to “offend” viewers but sheesh… watching those people eat other junk should have been “blurred out,” too! griefy!

You certainly are! A

You certainly are! Although your looks would certainly fool everyone (about you being cagey). I love the way I, Antonia and Opardu smell but I never think of myself as anyone with that much elegance (although there are times when I am very grateful that I…

Qué lindas fotos de

Qué lindas fotos de Colombia. Qué lindas palabras. Qué rico que pasaron por ahí, les gustó y quedaron con ganas de volver. Ojalá en la próxima visita esté yo allá para abrazarlos. Saludos y recuerdos : )

What I wouldnt give

What I wouldnt give to have a debate with you about this. You just say so many things that arrive from nowhere that Im pretty sure Id have a fair shot. Your blog is wonderful visually, I mean people wont be bored. But others who can see past the videos…

Ich hatte die Schuhe

Ich hatte die Schuhe letztens schon mal an dir gesehen und dachte mir “wow, tolle Schuhe”, und jetzt habe ich die Chance auf einen Gutschein von Melvin & Hamilton. Yeah! :)

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