"Really, if the Traditional Right wants to WIN, they need to name names and instruct their followers to STOP BUYING ESTABLISHMENT MEDIA PRODUCTS."Exactly. When you look carefully, you realise their tentacles are all over the place. But with some intelligence you can cut yourself loose. Only put money where it makes a difference, even for entertainment.


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Francesca, perhaps y

Francesca, perhaps you should READ this thread before you post a comment. Been there, heard that. And many of us couldn’t disagree with you more! What you see is all about editing, not about what actually goes on in this competition.I, too, am…

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Wow what a striking

Wow what a striking card, love the design and the image is perfect for a 21 year old. Thanks for joining us this week at Moving Along With The Times.Kim xXx

Ja, du er ikke alene

Ja, du er ikke alene om Ã¥ lengte mot vÃ¥r og sommmer. Men det har vært litt vÃ¥r i lufta de siste dagene, sÃ¥ jeg har hÃ¥p..Her er det forkjølelse pÃ¥ gang igjen, og bare det er nok til at jeg trenger varme grader ganske fort:DKos deg og takk for…

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