The Bounty Hunter-Can someone please explain to me how this movie made almost $70 million domestically? Word-of-mouth should've doomed it on the list of biggest bombs. Almost the worst film of the year. It was even worse than the awful The Ugly Truth. 2/10


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The fastest techniqu

The fastest technique to reveal in relation to fantastic night clubs is always to chat within your tennis affiliate marketers as well as discover what they desire utilized.

it snow: he’s

it snow: he’s a lucky, lucky man: “My favorite movies are “Titanic,” “Sex and the City,” “Last of the Mohicans,” and “Knocked Up.” And books: “How to Remodel a Man,” anything by…

Jag tänker lite som

Jag tänker lite som dig. Varit lite för mkt trassel detta Ã¥r och jag har blivit väldigt besviken pÃ¥ folk nära mig. Men jag reser mig starkare och gÃ¥r vidare. Det ger mig ingenting att fundera vidare pÃ¥ det som hänt. Denna höst kommer bli…

I was so confused ab

I was so confused about what to buy, but this makes it understandable.

Hej.Hittade en fin b

Hej.Hittade en fin bild som heter blå himmel som du lagt upp och fotografen heter Ping H. Chen, jag undrar bara vart du hittade den bilden ? .

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