Yesterday, while discussing this very issue in Lowtown, mention was made of a 10 year permit. Does this really exist? Also Beth witnessed a monthly mooring-only as available from J. Conroy. Sorry, meant to take a photo.


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También estoy de ac

También estoy de acuerdo con que los documentalistas debemos estar siempre aprendiendo nuevos campos y ampliando conocimiento así podremos ser lo que queramos. Un saludo

Since there is no me

Since there is no mention of anything illegal or unconstitutional mentioned, how do we stop these people? Please spare me the "vote 'em out" rah rah. These people need to be rooted out of every institution, top to bottom.They are…

I used to be big on

I used to be big on IRC. I left it for similar reasons, it started to feel pointless and life got busy with work, stage drama…. I did not know then, but the depression too. My own experience is that being a shy person that I am, I depend on online…

Thanks for writing s

Thanks for writing such an easy-to-understand article on this topic.

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